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GENASSYM(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       GENASSYM(1)

genassym -- emit an assym.h file SYNOPSIS
genassym [-c] [-f] C compiler invocation DESCRIPTION
genassym is a shell script normally used during the kernel build process to create an assym.h file. This file defines a number of cpp con- stants derived from the configuration information genassym reads from stdin. The generated file is used by kernel sources written in assem- bler to gain access to information (e.g. structure offsets and sizes) normally only known to the C compiler. Arguments to genassym are usually of the form ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${CPPFLAGS} where ${CC} is the C compiler used to compile the kernel, while ${CFLAGS} and ${CPPFLAGS} are flag arguments to the C compiler. The script creates a C source file from its input. Then the C compiler is called according to the script's arguments to compile this file. Normally genassym instructs the C compiler to create an assembler source from the constructed C source. The resulting file is then processed to extract the information needed to create the assym.h file. The -c flag instructs genassym to create slightly different code, generate an executable from this code and run it. In both cases the assym.h file is written to stdout. The -f flag instructs genassym to create forth code. DIAGNOSTICS
Either self-explanatory, or generated by one of the programs called from the script. SEE ALSO HISTORY
The genassym command appeared in NetBSD 1.3 as ``'' in /usr/src/sys/kern. It became a userland utility in NetBSD 4.0. BSD
April 13, 2010 BSD

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MKDEP(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						  MKDEP(1)

mkdep -- construct Makefile dependency list SYNOPSIS
mkdep [-ap] [-f file] [flags] file ... DESCRIPTION
The mkdep utility takes a set of flags for the C compiler and a list of C source files as arguments and constructs a set of include file dependencies which are written into the file ``.depend''. An example of its use in a Makefile might be: CFLAGS= -O -I../include SRCS= file1.c file2.c depend: mkdep ${CFLAGS} ${SRCS} where the macro SRCS is the list of C source files and the macro CFLAGS is the list of flags for the C compiler. The user has the ability to change the preprocessor and preprocessor options used. For instance, to use gcc as the preprocessor and to ignore system headers, one would use depend: env MKDEP_CPP="gcc -E" MKDEP_CPP_OPTS=-MM mkdep ${CFLAGS} ${SRCS} The options are as follows: -a Append to the output file, so that multiple mkdep's may be run from a single Makefile. -f Write the include file dependencies to file, instead of the default ``.depend''. -p Cause mkdep to produce dependencies of the form: program: program.c so that subsequent makes will produce program directly from its C module rather than using an intermediate .o module. This is useful for programs whose source is contained in a single module. ENVIRONMENT
CC Specifies the C compiler to use. The specified compiler is expected to have options consistent with the GNU C compiler. MKDEP_CPP Specifies the preprocessor to use. The default is "${CC} -E". MKDEP_CPP_OPTS Specifies the non-CFLAGS options for the preprocessor. The default is "-M". FILES
.depend File containing list of dependencies. SEE ALSO
cc(1), cpp(1), make(1) HISTORY
The mkdep command appeared in 4.3BSD-Tahoe. BSD
June 6, 1993 BSD
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