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ALTQSTAT(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			      ALTQSTAT(1)

     altqstat -- show altq status

     altqstat [-enrs] [-c count] [-w wait] [-i interface] [-I input_interface]

     The altqstat command displays the status of a queueing discipline.  The contents displayed
     by altqstat is specific to each queueing discipline.

     The options are as follows:

     -e 	 Echo communication with altqd(8) to standard output.  This option is for debug-

     -n 	 Disable communication with altqd(8).  The interface should be explicitly speci-

     -r 	 Enter the raw console mode to talk to altqd(8).  This option is for debugging
		 queue information exchange between altqstat and altqd(8).

     -s 	 List all interfaces, classes and filters currently installed.

     -c count	 altqstat exits after displaying count times.  If no repeat count is specified,
		 the default is infinity.

     -w wait	 Pause wait seconds between each display.  If no repeat wait interval is speci-
		 fied, the default is 5 seconds.

     -i interface
		 Show information about the specified interface.  If no interface is specified,
		 the default interface is the first interface returned from altqd(8).

     -I input_interface
		 Show information about the specified input interface.	This option is used to
		 specify traffic conditioner at an input interface.

     /var/run/altq_quip  Unix domain socket for communicating with altqd(8)

     altq.conf(5), altqd(8), altq(9)

BSD					December 24, 1999				      BSD
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