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makedevice(9f) [mojave man page]

makedevice(9F)                                             Kernel Functions for Drivers                                             makedevice(9F)

makedevice - make device number from major and minor numbers SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/mkdev.h> #include <sys/ddi.h> dev_t makedevice(major_t majnum, minor_t minnum); INTERFACE LEVEL
Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI). PARAMETERS
majnum Major device number. minnum Minor device number. DESCRIPTION
makedevice() creates a device number from a major and minor device number. makedevice() should be used to create device numbers so the driver will port easily to releases that treat device numbers differently. RETURN VALUES
The device number, containing both the major number and the minor number, is returned. No validation of the major or minor numbers is per- formed. CONTEXT
makedevice() can be called from user or interrupt context. SEE ALSO
getmajor(9F), getminor(9F) SunOS 5.10 11 Apr 1991 makedevice(9F)

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getmajor(9F)						   Kernel Functions for Drivers 					      getmajor(9F)

getmajor - get major device number SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/mkdev.h> #include <sys/ddi.h> major_t getmajor(dev_t dev); INTERFACE LEVEL
Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI). PARAMETERS
dev Device number. DESCRIPTION
getmajor() extracts the major number from a device number. RETURN VALUES
The major number. CONTEXT
getmajor() can be called from user or interrupt context. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Using getmajor() The following example shows both the getmajor() and getminor(9F) functions used in a debug cmn_err(9F) statement to return the major and minor numbers for the device supported by the driver. dev_t dev; #ifdef DEBUG cmn_err(CE_NOTE,"Driver Started. Major# = %d, Minor# = %d", getmajor(dev), getminor(dev)); #endif SEE ALSO
cmn_err(9F), getminor(9F), makedevice(9F) Writing Device Drivers WARNINGS
No validity checking is performed. If dev is invalid, an invalid number is returned. SunOS 5.10 11 Apr 1991 getmajor(9F)
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