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OSX 10.14 Mojave - man page for mpsnnreduceunary (mojave section 3)

MPSNNReduceUnary(3)					 MetalPerformanceShaders.framework				       MPSNNReduceUnary(3)

#import <MPSNNReduce.h> Inherits MPSCNNKernel. Inherited by MPSNNReduceColumnMax, MPSNNReduceColumnMean, MPSNNReduceColumnMin, MPSNNReduceColumnSum, MPSNNReduceFeatureChannelsMax, MPSNNReduceFeatureChannelsMean, MPSNNReduceFeatureChannelsMin, MPSNNReduceFeatureChannelsSum, MPSNNReduceRowMax, MPSNNReduceRowMean, MPSNNReduceRowMin, and MPSNNReduceRowSum. Instance Methods (nonnull instancetype) - initWithDevice: Properties MTLRegion clipRectSource Additional Inherited Members Detailed Description The MPSNNReduce performs a reduction operation The reduction operations supported are: o Reduce row min o Reduce column min o Reduce feature channels min o Reduce row max o Reduce column max o Reduce feature channels max o Reduce row mean o Reduce column mean o Reduce feature channels mean o Reduce row sum o Reduce column sum o Reduce feature channels sum Method Documentation - (nonnull instancetype) initWithDevice: (nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device Standard init with default properties per filter type Parameters: device The device that the filter will be used on. May not be NULL. Returns: A pointer to the newly initialized object. This will fail, returning nil if the device is not supported. Devices must be MTLFeatureSet_iOS_GPUFamily2_v1 or later. Reimplemented from MPSCNNKernel. Reimplemented in MPSNNReduceFeatureChannelsSum, MPSNNReduceRowMin, MPSNNReduceColumnMin, MPSNNReduceFeatureChannelsMin, MPSNNReduceRowMax, MPSNNReduceColumnMax, MPSNNReduceFeatureChannelsMax, MPSNNReduceRowMean, MPSNNReduceColumnMean, MPSNNReduceFeatureChannelsMean, MPSNNReduceRowSum, and MPSNNReduceColumnSum. Property Documentation - clipRectSource [read], [write], [nonatomic], [assign] The source rectangle to use when reading data. A MTLRegion that indicates which part of the source to read. If the clipRectSource does not lie completely within the source image, the intersection of the image bounds and clipRectSource will be used. The clipRectSource replaces the MPSCNNKernel offset parameter for this filter. The latter is ignored. Default: MPSRectNoClip, use the entire source texture. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for MetalPerformanceShaders.framework from the source code. Version MetalPerformanceShaders-100 Thu Feb 8 2018 MPSNNReduceUnary(3)

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