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OSX 10.14 Mojave - man page for mpscnnneuronlinear (mojave section 3)

MPSCNNNeuronLinear(3)					 MetalPerformanceShaders.framework				     MPSCNNNeuronLinear(3)

#import <MPSCNNNeuron.h> Inherits MPSCNNNeuron. Instance Methods (nonnull instancetype) - initWithDevice:a:b: (nonnull instancetype) - initWithDevice: Additional Inherited Members Detailed Description This depends on Metal.framework Specifies the linear neuron filter. For each pixel, applies the following function: f(x) = a * x + b Method Documentation - (nonnull instancetype) initWithDevice: (nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device Standard init with default properties per filter type Parameters: device The device that the filter will be used on. May not be NULL. Returns: A pointer to the newly initialized object. This will fail, returning nil if the device is not supported. Devices must be MTLFeatureSet_iOS_GPUFamily2_v1 or later. Reimplemented from MPSCNNNeuron. - (nonnull instancetype) initWithDevice: (nonnull id< MTLDevice >) device(float) a(float) b Initialize the linear neuron filter Parameters: device The device the filter will run on a Filter property 'a'. See class discussion. b Filter property 'b'. See class discussion. Returns: A valid MPSCNNNeuronLinear object or nil, if failure. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for MetalPerformanceShaders.framework from the source code. Version MetalPerformanceShaders-100 Thu Feb 8 2018 MPSCNNNeuronLinear(3)

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