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kill.d(1m) [mojave man page]

kill.d(1m)							   USER COMMANDS							kill.d(1m)

kill.d - snoop process signals as they occur. Uses DTrace. SYNOPSIS
kill.d is a simple DTrace program to print details of process signals as they are sent, such as the PID source and destination, signal num- ber and result. This program can be used to determine which process is sending signals to which other process. Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges can run this command. EXAMPLES
Default output, print process signals as they are sent. # kill.d FIELDS
FROM source PID COMMAND source command name TO destination PID SIG destination signal ("9" for a kill -9) RESULT result of signal (-1 is for failure) DOCUMENTATION
See the DTraceToolkit for further documentation under the Docs directory. The DTraceToolkit docs may include full worked examples with ver- bose descriptions explaining the output. EXIT
kill.d will run forever until Ctrl-C is hit. AUTHOR
Brendan Gregg [Sydney, Australia] SEE ALSO
dtrace(1M), truss(1) version 0.90 May 14, 2005 kill.d(1m)

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sigdist.d(1m)							   USER COMMANDS						     sigdist.d(1m)

sigdist.d - signal distribution by process. Uses DTrace. SYNOPSIS
This is a simple DTrace script that prints the number of signals recieved by process and signal number. This script is also available as /usr/demo/dtrace/sig.d, where it originates. Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges can run this command. EXAMPLES
This samples until Ctrl-C is hit. # sigdist.d FIELDS
SENDER process name of sender RECIPIENT process name of target SIG signal number, see signal(3head) COUNT number of signals sent BASED ON
/usr/demo/dtrace/sig.d DOCUMENTATION
DTrace Guide "proc Provider" chapter ( See the DTraceToolkit for further documentation under the Docs directory. The DTraceToolkit docs may include full worked examples with ver- bose descriptions explaining the output. EXIT
sigdist.d will sample until Ctrl-C is hit. SEE ALSO
kill.d(1M), dtrace(1M) version 1.00 Jun 09, 2005 sigdist.d(1m)

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