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fdisk(8) [minix man page]

FDISK(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  FDISK(8)

fdisk - partition a hard disk [IBM] SYNOPSIS
fdisk [-hm] [-sn] [file] OPTIONS
-h Number of disk heads is m -s Number of sectors per track is n EXAMPLES
fdisk /dev/hd0 # Examine disk partitions fdisk -h9 /dev/hd0 # Examine disk with 9 heads DESCRIPTION
When fdisk starts up, it reads in the partition table and displays it. It then presents a menu to allow the user to modify partitions, store the partition table on a file, or load it from a file. Partitions can be marked as MINIX, DOS or other, as well as active or not. Using fdisk is self-explanatory. However, be aware that repartitioning a disk will cause information on it to be lost. Rebooting the sys- tem immediately is mandatory after changing partition sizes and parameters. MINIX, XENIX, PC-IX, and MS-DOS all have different partition numbering schemes. Thus when using multiple systems on the same disk, be careful. Note that MINIX, unlike MS-DOS , cannot access the last sector in a partition with an odd number of sectors. The reason that odd partition sizes do not cause a problem with MS-DOS is that MS-DOS allocates disk space in units of 512-byte sectors, whereas MINIX uses 1K blocks. Fdisk has a variety of other features that can be seen by typing h. Fdisk normally knows the geometry of the device by asking the driver. You can use the -h and -s options to override the numbers found. SEE ALSO
part(8). FDISK(8)

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PARTX(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  PARTX(8)

partx - telling the kernel about presence and numbering of on-disk partitions. SYNOPSIS
partx [-a|-d|-l] [--type TYPE] [--nr M-N] [partition] disk DESCRIPTION
Given a block device ( disk ) and a partition table type , try to parse the partition table, and list the contents. Optionally add or remove partitions. This is not an fdisk - adding and removing partitions is not a change of the disk, but just telling the kernel about presence and numbering of on-disk partitions. OPTIONS
-a add specified partitions or read disk and add all partitions -d delete specified or all partitions -l list partitions. Note that the all numbers are in 512-byte sectors. --type TYPE Specify the partition type -- dos, bsd, solaris, unixware or gpt. --nr M-N Specify the range of partitions (e.g --nr 2-4). SEE ALSO
addpart(8), delpart(8), fdisk(8), parted(8), partprobe(8) AVAILABILITY
The partx command is part of the util-linux-ng package and is available from 11 Jan 2007 PARTX(8)
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