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TERMCAP(1)						      General Commands Manual							TERMCAP(1)

termcap - print the current termcap entry SYNOPSIS
termcap [type] EXAMPLES
termcap # Print the termcap entry DESCRIPTION
Termcap reads the /etc/termcap entry corresponding to the terminal type supplied as the argument. If none is given, the current $TERM is used. It then prints out all the parameters that apply. SEE ALSO
termcap(3). TERMCAP(1)

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captoinfo(1)						      General Commands Manual						      captoinfo(1)

captoinfo - Converts a termcap description into a terminfo description. SYNOPSIS
captoinfo [-v ...] [-V] [-1] [-w options] file... OPTIONS
Prints a field per line. Otherwise, multiple fields are printed on a line up to a maximum width of 60 characters. Outputs tracing infor- mation to standard error during program execution. Specifying more than one -v option causes more detailed information to be printed. Outputs to standard error, the version of the executing program. Outputs information according to the specified width (in characters). DESCRIPTION
The captoinfo command searches the specified file for termcap descriptions. For each description found, an equivalent terminfo description is written to standard output (along with any comments found). A description that is expressed as relative to another description (such as termcap tc = field) is reduced to the minimum superset before being output. If a file is not specified, the environment variable TERMCAP is used for the filename or entry. If TERMCAP is a full pathname to a file, only the name of the terminal specified by the environment variable TERM is extracted. If the environment variable TERMCAP is not set, then the file /usr/share/lib/termcap is read. FILES
Compiled terminal description database. SEE ALSO
Commands: infocmp(1) Functions: curses(3) Files: terminfo(4) captoinfo(1)
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