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READALL(1)						      General Commands Manual							READALL(1)

readall - read a device quickly to check for bad blocks SYNOPSIS
readall [-bt] file OPTIONS
-b Produce shell script on stdout that calls badblocks -t Just print device size EXAMPLES
readall /dev/hd0 # Read all of /dev/hd0 readall -b /dev/hd1 >s # Generate shell script on s DESCRIPTION
Readall reads all of the named device in large chunks. It reports about blocks that it cannot read. Unlike diskcheck, it does not attempt to write on the disk, making it safer to use when one is worried about a sick system. When the -b flag is given, the output is a shell script that calls the badblocks program to marked all the bad blocks. Whenever installing MINIX, it is wise to run readall with the -b flag first on all the hard disks. SEE ALSO
badblocks(8). READALL(1)

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MKFS.MINIX(8)						       System Administration						     MKFS.MINIX(8)

mkfs.minix - make a Minix filesystem SYNOPSIS
mkfs.minix [options] device [size-in-blocks] DESCRIPTION
mkfs.minix creates a Linux MINIX filesystem on a device (usually a disk partition). The device is usually of the following form: /dev/hda[1-8] (IDE disk 1) /dev/hdb[1-8] (IDE disk 2) /dev/sda[1-8] (SCSI disk 1) /dev/sdb[1-8] (SCSI disk 2) The device may be a block device or a image file of one, but this is not enforced. Expect not much fun on a character device :-). The size-in-blocks parameter is the desired size of the file system, in blocks. It is present only for backwards compatibility. If omit- ted the size will be determined automatically. Only block counts strictly greater than 10 and strictly less than 65536 are allowed. OPTIONS
-c, --check Check the device for bad blocks before creating the filesystem. If any are found, the count is printed. -n, --namelength length Specify the maximum length of filenames. Currently, the only allowable values are 14 and 30 for file system versions 1 and 2. Ver- sion 3 allows only value 60. The default is 30. -i, --inodes number Specify the number of inodes for the filesystem. -l, --badblocks filename Read the list of bad blocks from filename. The file has one bad-block number per line. The count of bad blocks read is printed. -1 Make a Minix version 1 filesystem. This is the default. -2, -v Make a Minix version 2 filesystem. -3 Make a Minix version 3 filesystem. -V, --version Display version information and exit. The long option cannot be combined with other options. -h, --help Display help text and exit. EXIT CODES
The exit code returned by mkfs.minix is one of the following: 0 No errors 8 Operational error 16 Usage or syntax error SEE ALSO
fsck(8), mkfs(8), reboot(8) AVAILABILITY
The mkfs.minix command is part of the util-linux package and is available from util-linux June 2015 MKFS.MINIX(8)
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