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HOSTADDR(1)						      General Commands Manual						       HOSTADDR(1)

hostaddr - show ethernet address, IP address or hostname SYNOPSIS
hostaddr [-eia] [-E eth-device] [-I ip-device] DESCRIPTION
Without any of the -eia options, hostaddr shows the ethernet address, IP address and hostname of the local host on one line in the given order. With options only the wanted fields are shown, still in the same order, not in option order. OPTIONS
-e Show the ethernet address. -i Show the IP address. This will not work if no IP address has been found by RARP or by setting it with ifconfig(8). -a Show the fully qualified hostname. The IP address is shown again if it can't be translated to a host name. (This usually indicates that the DNS reverse address translation tables are incomplete.) SEE ALSO
ifconfig(8), rarpd(8), nonamed(8), set_net_default(8), boot(8). DIAGNOSTICS
"Timeout" Hostaddr timed out trying to get the IP address. This means that the network connection is out of order or that the setup of the machine is bad. AUTHOR
Kees J. Bot ( HOSTADDR(1)

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IFCONFIG(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       IFCONFIG(8)

ifconfig - configure a TCP/IP device SYNOPSIS
ifconfig [-I ip-device] [-h ipaddr] [-n netmask] [-iv] DESCRIPTION
Ifconfig initializes a TCP/IP device setting the IP address and/or netmask. It will report the address and netmask set. This command may be used if the system has not been configured properly yet. It is only used at boot time to set a fixed address for a system without a physical ethernet. Normally the inet task will find it out by itself from the RARP server. OPTIONS
-h The decimal TCP/IP address to set. -n The netmask to set. -i Don't set the IP address or netmask if already set. This way ifconfig cannot interfere if the numbers have been found out by RARP. -v Report IP address and netmask. This is the default action if there are no other options. SEE ALSO
hostaddr(1), rarpd(8), set_net_default(8), boot(8). AUTHOR
Kees J. Bot ( IFCONFIG(8)
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