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IGRAPH(1)						      General Commands Manual							 IGRAPH(1)

igraph - interactive graphing program DESCRIPTION
Igraph is a crude interactive program for creating line and scatter plots. Provisions for reading and writing graph files as well as changing variables and getting output are provided from a menu. Graph files and variables are as described in bgraph(1). AUTHOR
Greg Ward BUGS
There is no mechanism provided for undefining a variable. SEE ALSO
bgraph(1), icalc(1), metafile(5) RADIANCE
6/24/98 IGRAPH(1)

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DGRAPH(1)						      General Commands Manual							 DGRAPH(1)

dgraph - do a set of graphs to a dumb terminal SYNOPSIS
dgraph [ -w width ][ -l length ][ +variable value .. ][ file .. ] DESCRIPTION
Dgraph reads each graph file in sequence and converts it to a character plot displayable on any ascii device. If no files are given, the standard input is read. Across the top of the plot, the extrema are printed. This is the only indication of the axis size. Curves are represented with their respective letter ('A' for curve A, etc.) at each point. Where two or more curves cross, a number is shown instead. The size of the output array can be specified as a certain width and length. The default size is 79 by 22. Variables can be set explicitly with +variable value options. See bgraph(1) for details. EXAMPLE
To get a quick glimpse of the sine function from 0 to 4. dgraph A(x)=sin(x) Anpoints=100 xmin=0 xmax=4 ^D AUTHOR
Greg Ward BUGS
There is no mechanism provided for undefining a variable. SEE ALSO
bgraph(1), gcomp(1), icalc(1), igraph(1) RADIANCE
6/24/98 DGRAPH(1)
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