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ROUTEL(8)				      Linux					ROUTEL(8)

       routel - list routes with pretty output format
       routef - flush routes

       routel [tablenr [raw ip args...]]

       These programs are a set of helper scripts you can use instead of raw iproute2 commands.
       The  routel  script will list routes in a format that some might consider easier to inter-
       pret then the ip route list equivalent.
       The routef script does not take any arguments and will simply flush the routing table down
       the drain. Beware! This means deleting all routes which will make your network unusable!


       The  routel  script  was  written by Stephen R. van den Berg <srb@cuci.nl>, 1999/04/18 and
       donated to the public domain.
       This manual page was written by Andreas Henriksson   <andreas@fatal.se>,  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system.


iproute2				   3 Jan, 2008					ROUTEL(8)
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