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Linux 2.6 - man page for modinfo (linux section 8)

modinfo(8)									       modinfo(8)

       modinfo -- program to show information about a Linux Kernel module

       modinfo [-0]  [-F field]  [-k kernel]  [modulename|filename ...]

       modinfo -V

       modinfo -h

       modinfo	extracts information from the Linux Kernel modules given on the command line.  If
       the module name is not  a  filename,  then  the	/lib/modules/version	    directory  is
       searched, as is also done by modprobe(8) when loading kernel modules.

       modinfo	by default lists each attribute of the module in form fieldname : value, for easy
       reading.  The filename is listed the same way (although it's not really an attribute).

       This version of modinfo can understand modules of any Linux Kernel architecture.

       -V --version
		 Print the modinfo version.

       -F --field
		 Only print this field value, one per line.  This is  most  useful  for  scripts.
		 Field	names are case-insenitive.  Common fields (which may not be in every mod-
		 ule) include author, description, license, parm, depends, and alias.  There  are
		 often multiple parm, alias and depends       fields.  The special field filename
			  lists the filename of the module.

       -k kernel Provide information about a kernel other than the running one. This is  particu-
		 larly	useful	for  distributions  needing  to  extract information from a newly
		 installed (but not yet running) set of kernel modules. For example, you wish  to
		 find  which  firmware	files  are  needed by various modules in a new kernel for
		 which you must make an initrd/initramfs image prior to booting.

       -0 --null Use the ASCII zero character to separate field values, instead of  a  new  line.
		 This  is  useful for scripts, since a new line can theoretically appear inside a

       -a -d -l -p -n
		 These are shortcuts for author, description, license.	parm and filename respec-
		 tively, to ease the transition from the old modutils modinfo.

       This  manual page originally Copyright 2003, Rusty Russell, IBM Corporation. Maintained by
       Jon Masters and others.



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