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LUSER(8)										 LUSER(8)

       luser - process to control the clueless individuals who (mis)use computer systems, periph-
       eral devices and system administrators. Word play on "loser" and "user".

       luser [-d] [-g<level>] [-s] <lusername>

       luser is the primary tool a system administrator uses to manage	end-user  requests.  This
       powerful tool can actually cause the specified user to perform actions as specified by the

       With no flags, luser deletes every running process owned by the specified <lusername>.

       -d     Disk reclamation mode. Remove all files in the home directory of <lusername>.

	      Grovel mode. Causes the specified luser to make an act of contrition to the  sysad-
	      min for past sins. The <level> indicates the severity of the contrition:


       0      User makes a sincere apology and promises to never do it again.

       1      User buys sysadmin a large quantity of sysadmin's favorite beverage.

       2      User signs over ownership of his/her car to sysadmin.

       3      User  resigns  from  the	company  after writing a long letter of apology detailing
	      his/her failings.

       4      User commits ritual suicide by sucking on a power strip and grounding himself to	a

       Sysadmins  are  encouraged  to  use  the -s option as a way to smarten up the world's user
       base. Use the -g option at level 4 outside the confines of  the	machine  room.	The  more
       lusers that witness the act, the better.


       Occasionally,  the  luser  may  survive the effects of luser -g4.  In that event, a second
       invocation of the command will usually prove to be fatal.

       Written by Eric L. Pederson <eric@bofh.org.uk>.

					25 September 1995				 LUSER(8)
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