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sysadmin(1) [linux man page]

SYSADMIN(1)						      General Commands Manual						       SYSADMIN(1)

sysadmin - responsible for everything imaginable that may or may not have to do with the system you're using. Contraction of "system" and "administrator" SYNOPSIS
sysadmin [-ab] [-cd] [-ef] etc...... DESCRIPTION
sysadmin takes care of everything, is generally harangued, must be supplied with coffee, chocolate, and alcohol in order to function prop- erly, cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, and must not be allowed to have a life. sysadmin is not intended as a user interface routine; other programs provide user-friendly front ends; sysadmin is used by everyone who can track him [her] down. With no flags, sysadmin reads its standard input up to an EOF, or a line which sysadmin wishes to parse, and then proceeds to ignore it entirely and read news all day. When invoked with the -w option, sysadmin reads standard input and responds according to terms of job description. OPTIONS
-bofh Go into Bastard Operator From Hell mode. This option causes sysadmin to use tools stored in the /usr/lib/bofh directory to parse the standard input and route user tasks appropriately. -cd causes sysadmin to become caffeine-deprived, resulting in system slowdowns. -b causes the sysadmin to function normally while augmenting the standard input with beer(5). Can be used with the -t option as well, depending upon which version of sysadmin you are running. -t causes the sysadmin to smoke tobacco, which can result in significant performance improvement, provided you are running the correct version of sysadmin. -Cfile Specify an alternate configuration file ( is the standard). -dX set debuggin value to X. -fFullname Set the full name of the sysadmin. -Bf Create the configuration freeze file. -lname Sets the name of the "luser" person (that is, originator of a given request). -l can only be used by "trusted" users (who are listed in NOTES
The -t option should not be used with a version of sysadmin which is not capable of parsing tobacco input. Though the functionality of this command may seem similar to the -b option, it should not be confused with that or the related -c option. 25 September 1995 SYSADMIN(1)

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LUSER(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  LUSER(8)

luser - process to control the clueless individuals who (mis)use computer systems, peripheral devices and system administrators. Word play on "loser" and "user". SYNOPSIS
luser [-d] [-g<level>] [-s] <lusername> DESCRIPTION
luser is the primary tool a system administrator uses to manage end-user requests. This powerful tool can actually cause the specified user to perform actions as specified by the flags. With no flags, luser deletes every running process owned by the specified <lusername>. OPTIONS
-d Disk reclamation mode. Remove all files in the home directory of <lusername>. -g<level> Grovel mode. Causes the specified luser to make an act of contrition to the sysadmin for past sins. The <level> indicates the sever- ity of the contrition: LEVEL 0 User makes a sincere apology and promises to never do it again. 1 User buys sysadmin a large quantity of sysadmin's favorite beverage. 2 User signs over ownership of his/her car to sysadmin. 3 User resigns from the company after writing a long letter of apology detailing his/her failings. 4 User commits ritual suicide by sucking on a power strip and grounding himself to a conduit. NOTES
Sysadmins are encouraged to use the -s option as a way to smarten up the world's user base. Use the -g option at level 4 outside the con- fines of the machine room. The more lusers that witness the act, the better. SEE ALSO
sysadmin(1) BUGS
Occasionally, the luser may survive the effects of luser -g4. In that event, a second invocation of the command will usually prove to be fatal. HISTORY
Written by Eric L. Pederson <>. 25 September 1995 LUSER(8)

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