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       do-release-upgrade - manual page for do-release-upgrade

       do-release-upgrade [options]

       Upgrade	the  operating	system	to the latest release from the command-line.  This is the
       preferred command if the machine has no graphic environment or if the  machine  is  to  be
       upgraded over a remote connection.

       -h, --help
	      show help message and exit

       -d, --devel-release
	      Check if upgrading to the latest devel release is possible

       -p, --proposed
	      Try upgrading to the latest release using the upgrader from Ubuntu-proposed

       -m MODE, --mode=MODE
	      Run  in a special upgrade mode. Currently "desktop" for regular upgrades of a desk-
	      top system and "server" for server systems are supported.

       -f FRONTEND, --frontend=FRONTEND
	      Run the specified frontend

       -s, --sandbox
	      Test upgrade with a sandbox aufs overlay

       update-manager(8), apt-get(8)

					   October 2009 		    DO-RELEASE-UPGRADE(8)
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