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virtual-filesystems(7)							   virtual-filesystems(7)

       virtual-filesystems - event signalling that virtual filesystems have been mounted

       virtual-filesystems [ENV]...

       The  virtual-filesystems event is generated by the mountall(8) daemon after it has mounted
       all virtual filesystems listed in fstab(5).  mountall(8) emits this event as  an  informa-
       tional  signal, services and tasks started or stopped by this event will do so in parallel
       with other activity.

       This event is typically used by services that must be started  in  order  to  mount  other
       filesystems.   When this event occurs, common filesystems such as /usr may not be mounted.
       For most normal services the filesystem(7) event is sufficient.

       A service that wishes to be running once virtual filesystems are mounted might use:

	      start on virtual-filesystems

       mounting(7) mounted(7) local-filesystems(7)  remote-filesystems(7)  all-swaps(7)  filesys-

mountall				    2009-12-21			   virtual-filesystems(7)
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