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Linux 2.6 - man page for test_server (linux section 7)

test_server(7)			  Erlang Application Definition 		   test_server(7)

       test_server - Test Server for manual or automatic testing of Erlang code

       Test  Server  is  a portable test server for automated application testing. The server can
       run test suites on local or remote targets and log progress and results to HTML pages. The
       main  purpose  of Test Server is to act as engine inside customized test tools. A callback
       interface for such framework applications is provided.

       In brief the test server supports:

	 * Running multiple, concurrent test suites

	 * Running tests on remote and even diskless targets

	 * Test suites may contain other test suites, in a tree fashion

	 * Logging of the events in a test suite, on both suite and case levels

	 * HTML presentation of test suite results

	 * HTML presentation of test suite code

	 * Support for test suite authors, e.g. start/stop slave nodes

	 * Call trace on target and slave nodes

       For information about how to write test cases and test suites, please see the Test  Server
       User's Guide and the reference manual for the test_server module.

       Common Test is an existing test tool application based on the OTP Test Server. Please read
       the Common Test User's Guide for more information.

       There are currently no configuration parameters available for this application.

Ericsson AB				test_server 3.4.3			   test_server(7)

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