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ssl(7)				  Erlang Application Definition 			   ssl(7)

       ssl - The SSL application provides secure communication over

       The  following  application  environment  configuration parameters are defined for the SSL
       application. Refer to application(3erl) for more information about  configuration  parame-

       Note that the environment parameters can be set on the command line, for instance,

       erl ... -ssl protocol_version '[sslv3, tlsv1]' ... .

	 protocol_version = [sslv3|tlsv1] <optional> . :
	   Protocol  that will be supported by started clients and servers. If this option is not
	   set it will default to all protocols currently supported by the  erlang  ssl  applica-
	   tion.  Note	that  this  option  may  be  overridden by the version option to ssl:con-
	   nect/[2,3] and ssl:listen/2.

	 session_lifetime = integer() <optional> :
	   The lifetime of session data in seconds.

	 session_cb = atom() <optional> :
	   Name of session cache callback module that implements the ssl_session_cache_api behav-
	   ior, defaults to ssl_session_cache.erl.

	 session_cb_init_args = list() <optional> :
	   List  of  arguments to the init function in session cache callback module, defaults to


Ericsson AB				    ssl 4.1.4					   ssl(7)
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