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runtime_tools(7) [linux man page]

runtime_tools(7)					   Erlang Application Definition					  runtime_tools(7)

runtime_tools - The Runtime tools Application DESCRIPTION
This chapter describes the Runtime_Tools application in OTP, which provides low footprint tracing/debugging tools suitable for inclusion in a production system. CONFIGURATION
There are currently no configuration parameters available for this application. SEE ALSO
application(3erl) Ericsson AB runtime_tools 1.8.5 runtime_tools(7)

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crypto(7)						   Erlang Application Definition						 crypto(7)

crypto - The Crypto Application DESCRIPTION
The purpose of the Crypto application is to provide message digest and DES encryption for SMNPv3. It provides computation of message digests MD5 and SHA, and CBC-DES encryption and decryption. CONFIGURATION
The following environment configuration parameters are defined for the Crypto application. Refer to application(3erl) for more information about configuration parameters. debug = true | false <optional> : Causes debug information to be written to standard error or standard output. Default is false . OPENSSL LIBRARIES
The current implementation of the Erlang Crypto application is based on the OpenSSL package version 0.9.7 or higher. There are source and binary releases on the web. Source releases of OpenSSL can be downloaded from the OpenSSL project home page, or mirror sites listed there. The same URL also contains links to some compiled binaries and libraries of OpenSSL (see the Related/Binaries menu) of which the Shining Light Productions Win32 and OpenSSL pages are of interest for the Win32 user. For some Unix flavours there are binary packages available on the net. If you cannot find a suitable binary OpenSSL package, you have to fetch an OpenSSL source release and compile it. You then have to compile and install the library (Unix), or the library libeay32.dll (Win32). For Unix The crypto_drv dynamic driver is delivered linked to OpenSSL libraries in /usr/local/lib , but the default dynamic linking will also accept libraries in /lib and /usr/lib . If that is not applicable to the particular Unix operating system used, the example Makefile in the Crypto priv/obj directory, should be used as a basis for relinking the final version of the port program. For Win32 it is only required that the library can be found from the PATH environment variable, or that they reside in the appropriate SYS- TEM32 directory; hence no particular relinking is need. Hence no example Makefile for Win32 is provided. SEE ALSO
application(3erl) Ericsson AB crypto crypto(7)

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