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unix_telnet(3erl)		     Erlang Module Definition			unix_telnet(3erl)

       unix_telnet - Callback module for ct_telnet for talking telnet to a unix host.

       Callback module for ct_telnet for talking telnet to a unix host.

       It requires the following entry in the config file:

		 {port,PortNum},		 % optional
		 {keep_alive,Bool}]}.		 % optional

       To  talk telnet to the host specified by HostNameOrIpAddress , use the interface functions
       in ct , e.g. open(Name), cmd(Name,Cmd), ... .

       Name is the name you allocated to the unix host in your require statement. E.g.

	  suite() -> [{require,Name,{unix,[telnet,username,password]}}].



       The "keep alive" activity (i.e. that Common Test sends NOP to the server every 10  seconds
       if  the	connection  is	idle) may be enabled or disabled for one particular connection as
       described here. It may be disabled for all connections using telnet_settings (see  ct_tel-
       net ).

       Note that the {port,PortNum} tuple is optional and if omitted, default telnet port 23 will
       be used. Also the keep_alive tuple is optional, and the value defauls to true (enabled).

       ct , ct_telnet


					common_test 1.5.3			unix_telnet(3erl)
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