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tv(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition				 tv(3erl)

       tv - TV graphically examines ETS and Mnesia tables.

       TV enables the user to examine ETS and Mnesia tables. Once a certain table has been opened
       in the tool, the content may be viewed at various levels of detail. The content viewed may
       also  be  sorted,  using any element as key. The table may be polled anytime; either regu-
       larly at specified intervals, or manually. New and  deleted  objects,  as  well	as  those
       altered, are marked with characteristic colors.

       start() -> Pid

	      Types  Pid = pid()

	      start/0 starts the TV.

       For a complete description of the TV, please see the TV User's Guide.

Ericsson AB				    tv					 tv(3erl)
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