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Linux 2.6 - man page for ssh_sftpd (linux section 3erl)

ssh_sftpd(3erl) 		     Erlang Module Definition			  ssh_sftpd(3erl)

       ssh_sftpd - Specifies a channel process to handle a sftp subsystem.

       Specifies a channel process to handle a sftp subsystem.

       subsystem_spec() = {subsystem_name(), {channel_callback(), channel_init_args()}}

       subsystem_name() = "sftp"

       channel_callback()  =  atom() - Name of the erlang module implementing the subsystem using
       the ssh_channel behavior see ssh_channel(3erl)

       channel_init_args() = list() - The one given as argument to function subsystem_spec/1.

       subsystem_spec(Options) -> subsystem_spec()

	      Types  Options = [{Option, Value}]

	      Should be used together with ssh:daemon/[1,2,3]

	      Options are:

		{cwd, String} :
		  Sets the initial current working directory for the server.

		{file_handler, CallbackModule} :
		  Determines which module to call for communicating with the file server. Default
		  value  is  ssh_sftpd_file  that  uses  the file and filelib API:s to access the
		  standard OTP file server. This option may be used to plug in the use	of  other
		  file servers.

		{max_files, Integer} :
		  The default value is 0 , which means that there is no upper limit. If supplied,
		  the number of filenames returned to the sftp client  per  READDIR  request,  is
		  limited to at most the given value.

		{root, String} :
		  Sets	the  sftp root directory. The user will then not be able to see any files
		  above this root. If for instance the root is set to /tmp the user will see this
		  directory as / and if the user does cd /etc the user will end up in /tmp/etc .

Ericsson AB				    ssh 2.0.4				  ssh_sftpd(3erl)

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