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Linux 2.6 - man page for snmpm_network_interface (linux section 3erl)

snmpm_network_interface(3erl)	     Erlang Module Definition	    snmpm_network_interface(3erl)

       snmpm_network_interface - Behaviour module for the SNMP manager network interface.

       This module defines the behaviour of the manager network interface. A snmpm_network_inter-
       face compliant module must export the following functions:

	 * start_link/2

	 * stop/1

	 * send_pdu/7

	 * inform_response/4

	 * note_store/2

	 * info/1

	 * get_log_type/1

	 * set_log_type/2

	 * verbosity/2

       The semantics of them and their exact signatures are explained below.

       start_link(Server, NoteStore) -> {ok, Pid} | {error, Reason}

	      Types  Server = pid()
		     NoteStore = pid()

	      Start-link the network interface process.

	      Server is the pid of the managing process.

	      NoteStore is the pid of the note-store process.

       stop(Pid) -> void()

	      Types  Pid = pid()

	      Stop the network interface process.

       send_pdu(Pid, Pdu, Vsn, MsgData, Addr, Port, ExtraInfo) -> void()

	      Types  Pid = pid()
		     Pdu = pdu()
		     Vsn = 'version-1' | 'version-2' | 'version-3'
		     MsgData = term()
		     Addr = address()
		     Port = integer()
		     ExtraInfo = term()

	      Request the network interface process ( Pid ) to send this pdu ( Pdu ).

	      ExtraInfo is some opaque data that is passed to the net-if process.  It  originates
	      from  the  ExtraInfo  parameter in the calls to the synchronous get-request , asyn-
	      chronous get-request , synchronous get-next-request , asynchronous get-next-request
	      ,  synchronous set-request and asynchronous set-request functions. Whether the net-
	      if process chooses to use this is  implementation  dependent.  The  net-if  process
	      included in this application ignores it.

       inform_response(Pid, Ref, Addr, Port) -> void()

	      Types  Pid = pid()
		     Ref = term()
		     Addr = address()
		     Port = integer()

	      Instruct	the network interface process to send the response (acknowledgment) to an

	      Ref is something that can be used to identify the inform-request,  e.g.  request-id
	      of the inform-request.

	      Addr and Port identifies the agent, from which the inform-request originated.

       note_store(Pid, NoteStore) -> void()

	      Types  Pid = pid()
		     NoteStore = pid()

	      Change  the  pid	of the note-store process. This is used when the server re-starts
	      the note_store (e.g. after a crach).

       info(Pid) -> [{Key, Value}]

	      Types  Pid = pid()

	      The info returned is basically up to the implementer to decide. The  implementation
	      provided	by  this  application  provides  info about memory allocation and various
	      socket information.

	      The info returned by this function is returned together with other  info	collected
	      by the manager when the info function is called (tagged with the key net_if ).

       verbosity(Pid, Verbosity) -> void()

	      Types  Pid = pid()
		     Verbosity = verbosity()

	      Change the verbosity of the network interface process.

       get_log_type(Pid) -> {ok, LogType} | {error, Reason}

	      Types  Pid = pid()
		     LogType = atl_type()
		     Reason = term()

	      The  Audit  Trail  Log  is managed by the network interface process. So, it is this
	      process that has to return the actual log-type.

       set_log_type(Pid, NewType) -> {ok, OldType} | {error, Reason}

	      Types  Pid = pid()
		     NewType = OldType = atl_type()
		     Reason = term()

	      The Audit Trail Log is managed by the network interface process.	So,  it  is  this
	      process that has to do the actual changing of the type.

	      See set_log_type for more info.

Ericsson AB				    snmp 4.19		    snmpm_network_interface(3erl)

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