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snmpa_notification_filter(3erl)      Erlang Module Definition	  snmpa_notification_filter(3erl)

       snmpa_notification_filter - Behaviour module for the SNMP agent notification filters.

       This  module  defines  the  behaviour of the agent notification filters. A snmpa_notifica-
       tion_filter compliant module must export the following functions:

	 * handle_notification/2

       The semantics of them and their exact signatures are explained below.

       The purpose of notification filters is to allow for modification and/or suppression  of	a

       A misbehaving filter will be removed.

       handle_notification(Notif, Data) -> Reply

	      Types  Reply = send | {send, NewNotif} | dont_send
		     Notif = NewNotif = notification() | trap()
		     Data = term()

	      Handle  a notification to be sent. The filter can either accept the notification as
	      is, return send , modify the notification, return {send, NewNotif} or suppress  the
	      notification, return dont_send .

	      Data is supplied at filter registration time, see register_notification_filter .

Ericsson AB				    snmp 4.19		  snmpa_notification_filter(3erl)
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