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       snmpa_notification_delivery_info_receiver -
	   Behaviour module for the SNMP agent notification delivery
	   information receiver.

       This module defines the behaviour of the notification delivery information receiver.

       A  snmpa_notification_delivery_info_receiver  compliant	module	must export the following

	 * delivery_targets/3

	 * delivery_info/4

       The semantics of them and their exact signatures are explained below.

       address() = A 4-tuple

       delivery_targets(Tag, Targets, Extra) -> void()

	      Types  Tag = term()
		     Targets = [target()]
		     target() = {Address, Port}
		     Address = address()
		     Port = integer()
		     Extra = term()

	      Inform about target addresses.

	      This is the first function called when a notification delivery is in  progress.  It
	      informs  the  receiver  which  targets will get the notification. The result of the
	      delivery will be provided via successive calls  to  delivery_info/4  function,  see

       delivery_info(Tag, Target, DeliveryResult, Extra) -> void()

	      Types  Tag = term()
		     Target = target()
		     target() = {Address, Port}
		     Address = address()
		     Port = integer()
		     DeliveryResult = delivery_result()
		     delivery_result() = no_response | got_response
		     Extra = term()

	      Inform about delivery result.

	      This  function  is  called  for  each  target in the Targets argument of the deliv-
	      ery_targets/3 function, see above.

	      The purpose is to inform the receiver of the result of the delivery (was the  noti-
	      fication acknowledged or not) for each target.

Ericsson AB				    snmp 4snmpa_notification_delivery_info_receiver(3erl)
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