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Linux 2.6 - man page for snmpa_local_db (linux section 3erl)

snmpa_local_db(3erl)		     Erlang Module Definition		     snmpa_local_db(3erl)

       snmpa_local_db - The SNMP built-in database

       The module snmpa_local_db contains functions for implementing tables (and variables) using
       the SNMP built-in database. The database exists in two instances,  one  volatile  and  one
       persistent.  The  volatile  database  is  implemented with ets. The persistent database is
       implemented with dets.

       There is a scaling problem with this database.

	 * Insertions and deletions are inefficient for large tables.

       This problem is best solved by using Mnesia instead.

       The following functions describe the interface to snmpa_local_db .  Each  function  has	a
       Mnesia  equivalent.  The  argument NameDb is a tuple {Name, Db} where Name is the symbolic
       name of the managed object (as defined in the MIB), and Db is either volatile  or  persis-
       tent . mnesia is not possible since all these functions are snmpa_local_db specific.

       In the functions defined below, the following types are used:

	 * NameDb = {Name, Db}

	 * Name = atom(), Db = volatile | persistent

	 * RowIndex = [int()]

	 * Cols = [Col] | [{Col, Value}], Col = int(), Value = term()

       where  RowIndex	denotes  the last part of the OID, that specifies the index of the row in
       the table. Cols is a list of column numbers in case of a get operation, and a list of col-
       umn numbers and values in case of a set operation.

       dump() -> ok | {error, Reason}

	      Types  Reason = term()

	      This function can be used to manually dump the database to file.

       match(NameDb, Pattern)

	      Performs	an  ets/dets matching on the table. See Stdlib documentation, module ets,
	      for a description of Pattern and the return values.

       print(TableName, Db)

	      Types  TableName = atom()

	      Prints the contents of the database on screen. This is useful for  debugging  since
	      the  STANDARD-MIB  and  OTP-SNMPEA-MIB  (and  maybe  your  own  MIBs) are stored in
	      snmpa_local_db .

	      TableName is an atom for a table in the database. When no  name  is  supplied,  the
	      whole database is shown.

       table_create(NameDb) -> bool()

	      Creates a table. If the table already exist, the old copy is destroyed.

	      Returns false if the NameDb argument is incorrectly specified, true otherwise.

       table_create_row(NameDb, RowIndex, Row) -> bool()

	      Types  Row = {Val1, Val2, ..., ValN}
		     Val1 = Val2 = ... = ValN = term()

	      Creates a row in a table. Row is a tuple with values for all columns, including the
	      index columns.

       table_delete(NameDb) -> void()

	      Deletes a table.

       table_delete_row(NameDb, RowIndex) -> bool()

	      Deletes the row in the table.

       table_exists(NameDb) -> bool()

	      Checks if a table exists.

       table_get_row(NameDb, RowIndex) -> Row | undefined

	      Types  Row = {Val1, Val2, ..., ValN}
		     Val1 = Val2 = ... = ValN = term()

	      Row is a tuple with values for all columns, including the index columns.

       ets(3erl), dets(3erl), snmp_generic(3erl)

Ericsson AB				    snmp 4.19			     snmpa_local_db(3erl)

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