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shell_default(3erl)		     Erlang Module Definition		      shell_default(3erl)

       shell_default - Customizing the Erlang Environment

       The functions in shell_default are called when no module name is given in a shell command.

       Consider the following shell dialogue:

       1 > lists:reverse("abc").
       2 > c(foo).
       {ok, foo}

       In  command  one, the module lists is called. In command two, no module name is specified.
       The shell searches the modules user_default followed by	shell_default  for  the  function
       foo/1 .

       shell_default  is  intended for "system wide" customizations to the shell. user_default is
       intended for "local" or individual user customizations.

       To add your own commands to the shell, create a module called  user_default  and  add  the
       commands  you  want. Then add the following line as the first line in your .erlang file in
       your home directory.


       $PATH is the directory where your user_default module can be found.

Ericsson AB				  stdlib 1.17.3 		      shell_default(3erl)
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