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pman(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition			       pman(3erl)

       pman - A graphical process manager.

       A  graphical  tool  used  to  inspect  the Erlang processes executing either locally or on
       remote nodes. It is also possible to trace events in the individual processes.


	      Types  Excluded = [Module]
		     Module = atom()

	      Starts   Pman.   It   will   use	 the   previously   saved   trace   settings   in
	      HOME/.erlang_tools/pman.opts  ,  where HOME is the user's home directory, if such a
	      file exists. Otherwise standard trace settings  will  be	used.  The  return  value
	      should be ignored.

	      Excluded is a list of module names. If the argument is present, processes currently
	      executing in any of these modules will not be shown by Pman.

	      start/0,1 will fail  unless  the	start-up  succeeds  within  20	seconds,  whereas
	      start_notimeout/0,1 will wait indefinitely.

       proc(A, B, C)

	      Types  Process = pid() | atom()
		     A = B = C = integer()

	      Starts  a  Pman  trace window for the specified process. The return value should be

	      The process to trace is given either by its pid or by its registered  name.  It  is
	      also possible to use proc/3 to trace the pid represented as <A,B,C> .

Ericsson AB				    pman 2.7.1				       pman(3erl)
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