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percept_profile(3erl)		     Erlang Module Definition		    percept_profile(3erl)

       percept_profile - Percept Collector.

       Percept Collector

       This module provides the user interface for the percept data collection (profiling).

	 percept_option() = procs | ports | exclusive :

       start(Filename::string()) -> {ok, Port} | {already_started, Port}

	      Equivalent to start(Filename, [procs]) .

       start(Filename::string(),  Options::[percept_option()])	-> {ok, Port} | {already_started,

	      Types  Port = port()

	      Starts profiling with supplied options. All events are stored in the file given  by
	      Filename. An explicit call to stop/0 is needed to stop profiling.

       start(Filename::string(),     MFA::mfa(),    Options::[percept_option()])    ->	  ok	|
       {already_started, Port} | {error, not_started}

	      Types  Port = port()

	      Starts profiling at the entrypoint specified by the MFA. All events are  collected,
	      this  means  that processes outside the scope of the entry-point are also profiled.
	      No explicit call to stop/0 is needed, the profiling stops when the  entry  function

       stop() -> ok | {error, not_started}

	      Stops profiling.


					  percept 0.8.5 		    percept_profile(3erl)
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