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orber_diagnostics(3erl) 	     Erlang Module Definition		  orber_diagnostics(3erl)

       orber_diagnostics - Diagnostics API for Orber

       This module contains functions which makes it possible to run simple tests.

       Functions exported by this module may only be used during test and development phase.

       nameservice() -> Result
       nameservice(Flags) -> Result

	      Types  Flags = integer()
		     Result = ok | {'EXCEPTION', E}

	      Displays	all  objects stored in the NameService. Existent checks are, per default,
	      also performed on all local objects.  This  can  also  be  activated  for  external
	      objects  by  setting  the flag 16#01 . The displayed information is the stringified
	      Name described in CosNaming_NamingContextExt , non existent status (true | false	|
	      external | undefined) and the IFR-Id:

	      host/resources/MyObj/ [false] IDL:MyMod/MyIntf:1.0

       missing_modules() -> Count

	      Types  Count = integer()

	      This operation list missing modules generated by IC and required by Orber. Requires
	      that all API:s are registered in the IFR.

Ericsson AB				   orber 3.6.20 		  orber_diagnostics(3erl)
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