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Linux 2.6 - man page for megaco_tcp (linux section 3erl)

megaco_tcp(3erl)		     Erlang Module Definition			 megaco_tcp(3erl)

       megaco_tcp - Interface module to TPKT transport protocol for Megaco/H.248.

       This  module contains the public interface to the TPKT (TCP/IP) version transport protocol
       for Megaco/H.248.

       start_transport() -> {ok, TransportRef}

	      Types  TransportRef = pid()

	      This function is used for starting the TCP/IP transport  service.  Use  exit(Trans-
	      portRef, Reason) to stop the transport service.

       listen(TransportRef, ListenPortSpecList) -> ok

	      Types  TransportRef = pid() | regname()
		     OptionListPerPort = [Option]
		     Option = {port, integer()} |{options, list()} |{receive_handle, term()}

	      This function is used for starting new TPKT listening socket for TCP/IP. The option
	      list contains the socket definitions.

       connect(TransportRef, OptionList) -> {ok, Handle, ControlPid} | {error, Reason}

	      Types  TransportRef = pid() | regname()
		     OptionList = [Option]
		     Option  =	{host,	 Ipaddr}   |   {port,	integer()}   |{options,   list()}
		     |{receive_handle, term()} |{module, atom()}
		     Handle = socket_handle()
		     ControlPid = pid()
		     Reason = term()

	      This function is used to open a TPKT connection.

	      The module option makes it possible for the user to provide their own callback mod-
	      ule. The receive_message/4 or process_received_message/4 functions of  this  module
	      is called when a new message is received (which one depends on the size of the mes-
	      sage; small - receive_message, large - process_received_message). Default value  is
	      megaco .

       close(Handle) -> ok

	      Types  Handle = socket_handle()

	      This function is used for closing an active TPKT connection.

       socket(Handle) -> Socket

	      Types  Handle = socket_handle()
		     Socket = inet_socket()

	      This   function	is   used  to  convert	a  socket_handle()  to	a  inet_socket().
	      inet_socket() is a plain socket, see the inet module for more info.

       send_message(Handle, Message) -> ok

	      Types  Handle = socket_handle()
		     Message = binary() | iolist()

	      Sends a message on a connection.

       block(Handle) -> ok

	      Types  Handle = socket_handle()

	      Stop receiving incoming messages on the socket.

       unblock(Handle) -> ok

	      Types  Handle = socket_handle()

	      Starting to receive incoming messages from the socket again.

       upgrade_receive_handle(ControlPid) -> ok

	      Types  ControlPid = pid()

	      Update the receive handle of the control process (e.g. after having changed  proto-
	      col version).

       get_stats() -> {ok, TotalStats} | {error, Reason}
       get_stats(SendHandle) -> {ok, SendHandleStats} | {error, Reason}
       get_stats(SendHandle, Counter) -> {ok, CounterStats} | {error, Reason}

	      Types  TotalStats = [send_handle_stats()]
		     total_stats() = {send_handle(), [stats()]}
		     SendHandle = send_handle()
		     SendHandleStats = [stats()]
		     Counter = tcp_stats_counter()
		     CounterStats = integer()
		     stats() = {tcp_stats_counter(), integer()}
		     tcp_stats_counter()  = medGwyGatewayNumInMessages | medGwyGatewayNumInOctets
		     | medGwyGatewayNumOutMessages | medGwyGatewayNumOutOctets | medGwyGatewayNu-
		     Reason = term()

	      Retreive the TCP related (SNMP) statistics counters.

       reset_stats() -> void()
       reset_stats(SendHandle) -> void()

	      Types  SendHandle = send_handle()

	      Reset all TCP related (SNMP) statistics counters.

Ericsson AB				  megaco 3.15.1 			 megaco_tcp(3erl)

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