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Linux 2.6 - man page for log_mf_h (linux section 3erl)

log_mf_h(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition			   log_mf_h(3erl)

       log_mf_h - An Event Handler which Logs Events to Disk

       The  log_mf_h  is  a  gen_event	handler  module  which	can be installed in any gen_event
       process. It logs onto disk all events which are sent to an event manager.  Each	event  is
       written	as a binary which makes the logging very fast. However, a tool such as the Report
       Browser ( rb ) must be used in order to read the files. The events are written to multiple
       files. When all files have been used, the first one is re-used and overwritten. The direc-
       tory location, the number of files, and the size of each file are configurable. The direc-
       tory will include one file called index , and report files 1, 2, .... .

       init(Dir, MaxBytes, MaxFiles)
       init(Dir, MaxBytes, MaxFiles, Pred) -> Args

	      Types  Dir = string()
		     MaxBytes = integer()
		     MaxFiles = 0 < integer() < 256
		     Pred = fun(Event) -> boolean()
		     Event = term()
		     Args = args()

	      Initiates the event handler. This function returns Args , which should be used in a
	      call to gen_event:add_handler(EventMgr, log_mf_h, Args) .

	      Dir specifies which directory to use for the log files. MaxBytes specifies the size
	      of  each	individual  file.  MaxFiles  specifies how many files are used. Pred is a
	      predicate function used to filter the events. If no predicate  function  is  speci-
	      fied, all events are logged.

       gen_event(3erl) , rb(3erl)

Ericsson AB				  stdlib 1.17.3 			   log_mf_h(3erl)

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