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lib(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition				lib(3erl)

       lib - A number of useful library functions

       This  module  is  retained for compatibility. It may disappear without warning in a future

       flush_receive() -> void()

	      Flushes the message buffer of the current process.

       error_message(Format, Args) -> ok

	      Types  Format = atom() | string() | binary()
		     Args = [term()]

	      Prints error message Args in accordance with Format . Similar to io:format/2 ,  see
	      io(3erl) .

       progname() -> atom()

	      Returns the name of the script that started the current Erlang session.

       nonl(String1) -> String2

	      Types  String1 = String2 = string()

	      Removes the last newline character, if any, in String1 .

       send(To, Msg)

	      Types  To = pid() | Name | {Name,Node}
		     Name = Node = atom()
		     Msg = term()

	      This function to makes it possible to send a message using the apply/3 BIF.

       sendw(To, Msg)

	      Types  To = pid() | Name | {Name,Node}
		     Name = Node = atom()
		     Msg = term()

	      As send/2 , but waits for an answer. It is implemented as follows:

	      sendw(To, Msg) ->
		  To ! {self(),Msg},
		      Reply -> Reply

	      The message returned is not necessarily a reply to the message sent.

Ericsson AB				  stdlib 1.17.3 				lib(3erl)
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