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Linux 2.6 - man page for et (linux section 3erl)

et(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition				 et(3erl)

       et - Main API of the Event Trace (ET) application

       Interface module for the Event Trace (ET) application

       trace_me(DetailLevel, From, To, Label, Contents) -> hopefully_traced

	      Types  DetailLevel = integer(X) when X =< 0, X >= 100
		     From = actor()
		     To = actor()
		     Label = atom() | string() | term()
		     Contents = [{Key, Value}] | term()
		     actor() = term()

	      A function that is intended to be traced.

	      This function is intended to be invoked at strategic places in user applications in
	      order to enable simplified tracing. The functions are  extremely	light  weight  as
	      they  do	nothing  besides  returning an atom. The functions are designed for being
	      traced. The global tracing mechanism in et_collector defaults to set its trace pat-
	      tern to these functions.

	      The  label  is intended to provide a brief summary of the event. It is preferred to
	      use an atom but a string would also do.

	      The contents can be any term but in order to simplify post processing of the traced
	      events, a plain list of {Key, Value} tuples is preferred.

	      Some  events,  such  as  messages,  are  directed from some actor to another. Other
	      events (termed actions) may be undirected and only have one actor.

       trace_me(DetailLevel, FromTo, Label, Contents) -> hopefully_traced

	      Invokes et:trace_me/5 with both From and To set to FromTo .

       phone_home(DetailLevel, FromTo, Label, Contents) -> hopefully_traced
       phone_home(DetailLevel, From, To, Label, Contents) -> hopefully_traced

	      These functions sends a signal to the outer space and the caller hopes that someone
	      is  listening.  In other words, they invoke et:trace_me/4 and et:trace_me/5 respec-

       report_event(DetailLevel, FromTo, Label, Contents) -> hopefully_traced
       report_event(DetailLevel, From, To, Label, Contents) -> hopefully_traced

	      Deprecated functions which for the time being are kept for backwards compatibility.
	      Invokes et:trace_me/4 and et:trace_me/5 respectively.

Ericsson AB				     et 1.4.2					 et(3erl)

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