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Linux 2.6 - man page for egd (linux section 3erl)

egd(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition				egd(3erl)

       egd - egd - erlang graphical drawer.

       egd - erlang graphical drawer

	 color() :

	 egd_image() :

	 font() :

	 point() = {integer(), integer()} :

	 render_option() = {render_engine, opaque} | {render_engine, alpha} :

       color(Color::Value | Name) -> color()

	      Types  Value = {byte(), byte(), byte()} | {byte(), byte(), byte(), byte()}
		     Name  =  black  |	silver	| gray | white | maroon | red | purple | fuchia |
		     green | lime | olive | yellow | navy | blue | teal | aqua

	      Creates a color reference.

       create(Width::integer(), Height::integer()) -> egd_image()

	      Creates an image area and returns its reference.

       destroy(Image::egd_image()) -> ok

	      Destroys the image.

       filledEllipse(Image::egd_image(), P1::point(), P2::point(), Color::color()) -> ok

	      Creates a filled ellipse object.

       filledRectangle(Image::egd_image(), P1::point(), P2::point(), Color::color()) -> ok

	      Creates a filled rectangle object.

       line(Image::egd_image(), P1::point(), P2::point(), Color::color()) -> ok

	      Creates a line object from P1 to P2 in the image.

       rectangle(Image::egd_image(), P1::point(), P2::point(), Color::color()) -> ok

	      Creates a rectangle object.

       render(Image::egd_image()) -> binary()

	      Equivalent to render(Image, png, [{render_engine, opaque}]) .

       render(Image::egd_image(), Type::png | raw_bitmap) -> binary()

	      Equivalent to render(Image, Type, [{render_engine, opaque}]) .

       render(Image::egd_image(), Type::png | raw_bitmap, Options::[render_option()]) -> binary()

	      Renders a binary from the primitives  specified  by  egd_image().  The  binary  can
	      either be a raw bitmap with rgb tripplets or a binary in png format.

       save(Binary::binary(), Filename::string()) -> ok

	      Saves the binary to file.

       text(Image::egd_image(), P::point(), Font::font(), Text::string(), Color::color()) -> ok

	      Creates a text object.


					  percept 0.8.5 				egd(3erl)

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