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edoc_layout(3erl)		     Erlang Module Definition			edoc_layout(3erl)

       edoc_layout - The standard HTML layout module for EDoc.

       The standard HTML layout module for EDoc. See the edoc module for details on usage.

       module(Element, Options) -> term()

	      The layout function.

	      Options to the standard layout:

		{index_columns, integer()} :
		  Specifies  the  number  of column pairs used for the function index tables. The
		  default value is 1.

		{pretty_printer, atom()} :
		  Specifies how types and specifications are pretty printed. If the value  erl_pp
		  is  specified  the Erlang pretty printer (the module erl_pp ) will be used. The
		  default is to do no pretty printing which implies that lines can be very long.

		{stylesheet, string()} :
		  Specifies the URI used for referencing the stylesheet.  The  default	value  is
		  "stylesheet.css"  .  If  an  empty string is specified, no stylesheet reference
		  will be generated.

		{sort_functions, boolean()} :
		  If true , the detailed function descriptions are listed by name, otherwise they
		  are  listed in the order of occurrence in the source file. The default value is
		  true .

		{xml_export, Module::atom()} :
		  Specifies an xmerl callback module to be used for exporting the  documentation.
		  See xmerl:export_simple/3 for details.

	      See also: edoc:layout/2 .

       overview(E, Options) -> term()

       package(E, Options) -> term()

       type(E) -> term()


       Richard Carlsson <richardc@it.uu.se >

					    edoc 0.7.7				edoc_layout(3erl)
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