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Linux 2.6 - man page for docb_transform (linux section 3erl)

docb_transform(3erl)		     Erlang Module Definition		     docb_transform(3erl)

       docb_transform - Transform XML to HTML

       docb_transform contains functions for transforming XML documentation source code to HTML.

       file(File) -> ok | {error, Reason}
       file(File, Options) -> ok | {error, Reason}

	      Types  File = string()
		     Options = [Opt]
		     Opt -- see below

	      Transforms XML documentation source code to HTML.

	      File  is	a  documentation source file, given with or without the .xml extension as
	      Name.xml or Name .

	      If File contains XML code according to a basic DTD ( chapter , erlref ,  ...),  the
	      resulting HTML file is named Name.html .

	      If File contains XML code according to a compound DTD ( application or part ), sev-
	      eral files are created:

		* A cover page for the application with two frames, Name_frame.html .

		* The contents of the left frame and a front page, Name.html and  Name_first.html

		* A bibliography and a glossary, Name_cite.html and Name_term.html .

		* In  the  case  of  an  application  DTD  an  index  is  created,  Name.kwc  and
		  Name_index.html .

		* One HTML file for each file included from File .

		* Also, if there exists a fascicules.xml  file	where  the  value  of  the  entry
		  attribute for File is "yes" , the cover page is copied to index.html .

	 {html_mod, Module}, Module=atom() :
	   A  callback module can be used for specifying HTML snippets that should be included in
	   the generated HTML files, see below.

	 {outdir, Dir}, Dir=string() :
	   Destination for generated files. Default is current working directory.

	 {number, Number}, Number=int() :
	   First chapter number when transforming a chapter file. Default is 1.

	 {ptype, unix|windows} :
	   For path elements, the specified file path should be presented.

	 silent :
	   Silent - no warnings, only error information is printed.

	 {top, Index}, Index=string() :
	   Specifies the value of "Top" in the left frame of a front page, which normally  should
	   be some kind of top index file for the documentation.

	 {vsn, Vsn}, Vsn=string() :
	   Application	version  number.  Overrides a version number defined in the XML document.
	   Visible in the left frame and on the front page.

	 {term_defs, File}, File=string() :
	   Use the global glossary definitions in File , which should contain a  list  of  tuples
	   {Id,  Name,	Definition,  Owner} . See the section <term>, <termdef> - Glossary in the
	   User's Guide.

	 {cite_defs, File}, File=string() :
	   Use the global bibliography definitions in File ,  which  should  contain  a  list  of
	   tuples  {Id, Title, Info, Owner} . See the section <cite>, <citedef> - Bibliography in
	   the User's Guide.

       A html_mod callback module can include the functions specified below. Note that	there  is
       no check that the resulting HTML code is valid. All functions are optional.

       Module:head() -> string()

	      Defines  a  HTML snippet to be included in the head of a document, after the <HEAD>
	      start tag and <TITLE> tag:

		- snippet is included here -

       Module:top() -> string()

	      Defines a HTML snippet to be included at the top of a document,  after  the  <BODY>
	      start tag.

       Module:bottom() -> string()

	      Defines  a  HTML	snippet  to  be  included at the bottom of a document, before the
	      </BODY> end tag.

       Module:seealso(SeeAlso) -> Href

	      Types  SeeAlso = Href = string()

	      When referring to another part of the document, or another document,  the  XML  tag
	      <seealso> is used: <seealso marker="File#Marker">...text...</seealso> . By default,
	      this is translated to <A HREF="File.html#Marker>...text...</A> .

	      This function makes it possible to specify an alternative translation Href  of  the
	      marker  attribute value SeeAlso . For example, in OTP this is used to resolve cross
	      references between applications.

Ericsson AB				docbuilder		     docb_transform(3erl)

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