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debugger(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition			   debugger(3erl)

       debugger - Erlang Debugger

       Erlang Debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs.

       start(Mode, File)

	      Types  Mode = local | global
		     File = string()

	      Starts Debugger.

	      If  given a file name as argument, Debugger will try to load its settings from this
	      file. Refer to Debugger User's Guide for more information about settings.

	      If given local as argument, Debugger will interpret code only at the current  node.
	      If  given global as argument, Debugger will interpret code at all known nodes, this
	      is the default.

       quick(Module, Name, Args)

	      Types  Module = Name = atom()
		     Args = [term()]

	      This function can be used to debug a single process. The module  Module  is  inter-
	      preted and apply(Module,Name,Args) is called. This will open an Attach Process win-
	      dow, refer to Debugger User's Guide for more information.

Ericsson AB				  debugger 3.2.6			   debugger(3erl)
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