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CosFileTransfer_Directory(3erl)      Erlang Module Definition	  CosFileTransfer_Directory(3erl)

       CosFileTransfer_Directory  -  This  module  implements  the OMG CosFileTransfer::Directory

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       This module also exports the functions described in:

	 * CosFileTransfer_File

	 * CosPropertyService_PropertySetDef in the cosProperty application.

       list(Directory, Max) -> Return

	      Types  Directory = #objref
		     Return = {ok, FileList, FileIterator}
		     FileList = [File]
		     File = FileIterator = #objref

	      This operation returns a list, of length Max or less, containing Object  References
	      representing  files  or  directories  contained within the target Directory. If the
	      amount of objects found is less than Max	the  returned  Iterator  will  be  a  NIL

Ericsson AB			      cosFileTransfer 1.1.10	  CosFileTransfer_Directory(3erl)
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