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base64(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition			     base64(3erl)

       base64 - Implements base 64 encode and decode, see RFC2045.

       Implements base 64 encode and decode, see RFC2045.

       encode(Data) -> Base64
       encode_to_string(Data) -> Base64String

	      Types  Data = string() | binary()
		     Base64 = binary()
		     Base64String = string()

	      Encodes  a  plain  ASCII string into base64. The result will be 33% larger than the

       decode(Base64) -> Data
       decode_to_string(Base64) -> DataString
       mime_decode(Base64) -> Data
       mime_decode_to_string(Base64) -> DataString

	      Types  Base64 = string() | binary()
		     Data = binary()
		     DataString = string()

	      Decodes a base64 encoded string to plain	ASCII.	See  RFC4648.  mime_decode/1  and
	      mime_decode_to_string/1	strips	 away  illegal	characters,  while  decode/1  and
	      decode_to_string/1 only strips away whitespace characters.

Ericsson AB				  stdlib 1.17.3 			     base64(3erl)
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