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Linux 2.6 - man page for auth (linux section 3erl)

auth(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition			       auth(3erl)

       auth - Erlang Network Authentication Server

       This module is deprecated. For a description of the Magic Cookie system, refer to Distrib-
       uted Erlang in the Erlang Reference Manual.

       is_auth(Node) -> yes | no

	      Types  Node = node()

	      Returns yes if communication with Node is authorized. Note  that	a  connection  to
	      Node  will be established in this case. Returns no if Node does not exist or commu-
	      nication is not authorized (it has another cookie than auth thinks it has).

	      Use net_adm:ping(Node) instead.

       cookie() -> Cookie

	      Types  Cookie = atom()

	      Use erlang:get_cookie() instead.

       cookie(TheCookie) -> true

	      Types  TheCookie = Cookie | [Cookie]
		     The cookie may also be given as a list with a single atom element
		     Cookie = atom()

	      Use erlang:set_cookie(node(), Cookie) instead.

       node_cookie([Node, Cookie]) -> yes | no

	      Types  Node = node()
		     Cookie = atom()

	      Equivalent to node_cookie(Node, Cookie) .

       node_cookie(Node, Cookie) -> yes | no

	      Types  Node = node()
		     Cookie = atom()

	      Sets the magic cookie of Node to Cookie , and verifies the status of the authoriza-
	      tion.   Equivalent   to  calling	erlang:set_cookie(Node,  Cookie)  ,  followed  by
	      auth:is_auth(Node) .

Ericsson AB				  kernel 2.14.3 			       auth(3erl)

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All times are GMT -4. The time now is 03:57 AM.

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