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Linux 2.6 - man page for any (linux section 3erl)

any(3erl)			     Erlang Module Definition				any(3erl)

       any - the corba any type

       This module contains functions that gives an interface to the CORBA any type.

       Note  that  the any interface in orber does not contain a destroy function because the any
       type is represented as an Erlang record and therefor will be removed by the  garbage  col-
       lector when not in use.

       The type TC used below describes an IDL type and is a tuple according to the to the Erlang
       language mapping.

       The type Any used below is defined as:

	     -record(any, {typecode, value}).

       where typecode is a TC tuple and value is an Erlang term of the type defined by the  type-
       code field.

       create() -> Result
       create(Typecode, Value) -> Result

	      Types  Typecode = TC
		     Value = term()
		     Result = Any

	      The create/0 function creates an empty any record and the create/2 function creates
	      an initialized record.

       set_typecode(A, Typecode) -> Result

	      Types  A = Any
		     Typecode = TC
		     Result = Any

	      This function sets the typecode of A and returns a new any record.

       get_typecode(A) -> Result

	      Types  A = Any
		     Result = TC

	      This function returns the typecode of A .

       set_value(A, Value) -> Result

	      Types  A = Any
		     Value = term()
		     Result = Any

	      This function sets the value of A and returns a new any record.

       get_value(A) -> Result

	      Types  A = Any
		     Result = term()

	      This function returns the value of A .

Ericsson AB				   orber 3.6.20 				any(3erl)

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