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CosNaming(3erl) 			       Erlang Module Definition 			      CosNaming(3erl)

CosNaming - The CosNaming service is a collection of interfaces that together define the naming service.
The naming service provides the principal mechanism for clients to find objects in an ORB based world. The naming service provides an initial naming context that functions as the root context for all names. Given this context clients can navigate in the name space. Types that are declared on the CosNaming level are: typedef string Istring; struct NameComponent { Istring id; Istring kind; }; typedef sequence <NameComponent> Name; enum BindingType {nobject, ncontext}; struct Binding { Name binding_name; BindingType binding_type; }; typedef sequence <Binding> BindingList; To get access to the record definitions for the structs use: -include_lib("orber/COSS/CosNaming.hrl"). . Names are not an ORB object but the can be structured in components as seen by the definition above. There are no requirements on names so the service can support many different conventions and standards. There are two different interfaces supported in the service: * NamingContext * BindingIterator Ericsson AB orber 3.6.20 CosNaming(3erl)
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