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Linux 2.6 - man page for dpkg::conf (linux section 3)

Dpkg::Conf(3)							   libdpkg-perl 						     Dpkg::Conf(3)

Dpkg::Conf - parse dpkg configuration files
The Dpkg::Conf object can be used to read options from a configuration file. It can exports an array that can then be parsed exactly like @ARGV.
my $conf = Dpkg::Conf->new(%opts) Create a new Dpkg::Conf object. Some options can be set through %opts: if allow_short evaluates to true (it defaults to false), then short options are allowed in the configuration file, they should be prepended with a single dash. @$conf @options = $conf->get_options() Returns the list of options that can be parsed like @ARGV. $conf->load($file) Read options from a file. Return the number of options parsed. $conf->parse($fh) Parse options from a file handle. Return the number of options parsed. $conf->filter(remove => $rmfunc) $conf->filter(keep => $keepfunc) Filter the list of options, either removing or keeping all those that return true when &$rmfunc($option) or &keepfunc($option) is called. $string = $conf->output($fh) Write the options in the given filehandle (if defined) and return a string representation of the content (that would be) written. "$conf" Return a string representation of the content. $conf->save($file) Save the options in a file.
Raphael Hertzog <>. 2012-04-17 Dpkg::Conf(3)