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Linux 2.6 - man page for dpkg::buildflags (linux section 3)

Dpkg::BuildFlags(3)						   libdpkg-perl 					       Dpkg::BuildFlags(3)

Dpkg::BuildFlags - query build flags
The Dpkg::BuildFlags object is used by dpkg-buildflags and can be used to query the same information.
my $bf = Dpkg::BuildFlags->new() Create a new Dpkg::BuildFlags object. It will be initialized based on the value of several configuration files and environment variables. $bf->load_vendor_defaults() Reset the flags stored to the default set provided by the vendor. $bf->load_system_config() Update flags from the system configuration. $bf->load_user_config() Update flags from the user configuration. $bf->load_environment_config() Update flags based on directives stored in the environment. See dpkg-buildflags(1) for details. $bf->load_config() Call successively load_system_config(), load_user_config() and load_environment_config() to update the default build flags defined by the vendor. $bf->set($flag, $value, $source) Update the build flag $flag with value $value and record its origin as $source. $bf->append($flag, $value, $source) Append the options listed in $value to the current value of the flag $flag. Record its origin as $source. $bf->update_from_conffile($file, $source) Update the current build flags based on the configuration directives contained in $file. See dpkg-buildflags(1) for the format of the directives. $source is the origin recorded for any build flag set or modified. $bf->get($flag) Return the value associated to the flag. It might be undef if the flag doesn't exist. $bf->get_origin($flag) Return the origin associated to the flag. It might be undef if the flag doesn't exist. $bf->has($option) Returns a boolean indicating whether the flags exists in the object. my @flags = $bf->list() Returns the list of flags stored in the object.
Raphael Hertzog <> 2012-04-17 Dpkg::BuildFlags(3)