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VOLNAME(1)				  User Commands 			       VOLNAME(1)

       volname - return volume name

       volname [<device-file>]

       Volname returns the volume name for a device formatted with an ISO-9660 file system, typi-
       cally a CD-ROM. It also works with normal files that contain a ISO-9660 file system.

       The file name can  be  specified  on  the  command  line.   If  omitted,  it  defaults  to

       Volname	was  written by Jeff Tranter (tranter@pobox.com) and is released under the condi-
       tions of the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING and notes in the source code
       for details.


Linux					   13 Nov 2004				       VOLNAME(1)
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