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SNDINFO(1)			  The Canonical Csound Reference		       SNDINFO(1)

       sndinfo - Displays information about a soundfile. .

       Get basic information about one or more soundfiles.

	   csound -U sndinfo [options] soundfilenames ...

	   sndinfo [options] soundfilenames ...

       sndinfo will attempt to find each named file, open it for reading, read in the soundfile
       header, then print a report on the basic information it finds. The order of search across
       soundfile directories is as described above. If the file is of type AIFF, some further
       details are listed first.

       There are two option types:

	1. -i or -i1 will print instrument information, which includes looping. The option
	   continues until a -i0 option.

	2. The other option is -b which prints the broadcast information for WAV files. It can
	   similarly be negated with -b0.

	   csound -U sndinfo test Bosendorfer/"BOSEN mf A0 st" foo foo2

       where the environment variables SFDIR = /u/bv/sound, and SSDIR = /so/bv/Samples, might
       produce the following:

	   util  SNDINFO:
		      srate 22050, monaural, 16 bit shorts, 1.10 seconds
		      headersiz 1024, datasiz 48500  (24250 sample frames)

	       /so/bv/Samples/Bosendorfer/BOSEN mf A0 st:  AIFF, 197586 stereo samples, base Frq 261.6 (MIDI 60), sustnLp: mode 1, 121642 to 197454, relesLp: mode 0
		AIFF soundfile, looping with modes 1, 0
		srate 44100, stereo, 16 bit shorts, 4.48 seconds

		headersiz  402, datasiz 790344	(197586 sample frames)

		      no recognizable soundfile header

		       couldn't find

       Barry Vercoe
       MIT Media Lab


       Dan Ellis
       MIT Media Lab,


5.07					    06/23/2009				       SNDINFO(1)
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