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Linux 2.6 - man page for pv_import (linux section 1)

PV_IMPORT(1)						  The Canonical Csound Reference					      PV_IMPORT(1)

pv_import - Converts a comma-separated text file to a .pvx file. .
pv_import cstext_file pv_file csound -U pv_import cstext_file pv_file
cstext_file - Name of the input comma-separated text file. pv_file - Name of the output .pvx file. The pv_import utility generates a .pvx file usable with the pvoc generator. It can be used in combination with pv_export to modify sound analysis made by the PVANAL utility.
Author: John ffitch 1995
Barry Vercoe MIT Media Lab Author. Dan Ellis MIT Media Lab, Cambridge Massachussetts Author.
5.07 06/23/2009 PV_IMPORT(1)

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