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tmpfile(3S)															       tmpfile(3S)

tmpfile() - create a temporary file SYNOPSIS
creates a temporary file by generating a name through (see tmpnam(3S)), and returns a corresponding pointer. If the file cannot be opened a NULL pointer is returned. The file is automatically deleted when the process using it terminates. The file is opened for update Notes On HP-UX systems, the mode is equivalent to the mode. ERRORS
The function will fail if: [EOVERFLOW] The named file is a regular file and the size of the file cannot be represented correctly in an object of size in this environment. Additional values may be set by the underlying function (see fopen(3S)). SEE ALSO
creat(2), unlink(2), mktemp(3C), fopen(3S), fgetpos64(3S), tmpnam(3S), thread_safety(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE

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tmpfile(3)						     Library Functions Manual							tmpfile(3)

tmpfile - Creates a temporary file LIBRARY
Standard C Library (, libc.a) SYNOPSIS
#include <stdio.h> FILE *tmpfile ( void ); STANDARDS
Interfaces documented on this reference page conform to industry standards as follows: tmpfile(): XSH4.2 Refer to the standards(5) reference page for more information about industry standards and associated tags. DESCRIPTION
The tmpfile() function creates a temporary file and returns its FILE pointer. The file is opened for update. The temporary file is automat- ically deleted when the process using it terminates. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, the tmpfile() function returns a pointer to the stream of the file that is created. Otherwise, it returns a null pointer and sets errno to indicate the error. ERRORS
The tmpfile() function sets errno to the specified values for the following conditions: A signal was caught during tmpfile(). OPEN_MAX file descriptors are currently open in the calling process. [Tru64 UNIX] All available file descriptors are currently open in the calling process. The maximum allowable number of files is currently open in the system. The directory or file system that would contain the new file cannot be expanded. RELATED INFORMATION
Functions: fopen(3), mktemp(3), tmpnam(3), unlink(2), getdtablesize(2) Standards: standards(5) delim off tmpfile(3)
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